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Amazon Mechanical Turk: provides users an opportunity to earn money by doing people’s work. People who want to finish their work will submit here by fixing a rate for that work. When you complete it, you will be rewarded with certain amount. A few part of the work rate will be taken by Amazon as a commission. Most of the works will be like completing stuffs in online mode. Example, typing given paragraph within some time. When you have reached a certain amount, you may withdraw your money. The mode of payment will be check and it is delivered to your house address.
Not only Mechanical Turn, provides lot of services to earn money online. You may get lot of details here:


ClickBank is moreover like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk but it pays lot of money than Mechanical Turk. ClickBank is a fully Affiliate marketing service where you must promote their products. Each work pays different amount. If the work need more knowledge or the difficulty level of the work is more, then affiliates will pay you more. However, a certain amount of commission will get deducted from your earnings. The product can be promoted in many ways. Using social websites, Email marketing or by website reference. ClickBank will generate a short URL of the affiliate which you can use them for promoting. When people refer using your link, you will earn money. The mode of payment will be through check. ClickBank pays people since 1998.


The cheap and easiest way to earn money is using the  site  Here, your work is often referred to a gig. You may do whatever the work you like. For example, if you are interested in painting, then you may just create a gig like “I will paint your picture for $5” and when people order from you, get the details from them. Here, you will be requiring a picture from the buyer. So, get the picture and complete the work within the delivery time you’ve specified. When you’ve completed painting, you may just submit it as a scanned image to the buyer. Remember, buyer may write a review after they purchase from you. When you deliver a best one, your gig will be reviewed as a good one and it may welcome more buyers to buy your gig. The payment will be delivered to you via Paypal account. For each gig you complete, you’ll be earning $5 where you’ll be getting $4 in your hand and remaining $1 will be taken by Fiverr as a commission.


A safer way of earning money through online is by ScriptLance. If the child is more interested in programming or have a good knowledge in programming then he/she can earn money thorugh ScriptLance. It apys more for well talented. A good and well programmer can earn thousands of dollars. You may find a project which fits according to your needs and solve them with your knowledge. Each project will be fixed at a rate to be earned. The payment will be made via Paypal. The prople who submitted the project will pay you.


The simple and easiest way to earn online is via NeoBux. The only work for you is to browse their advertiser’s website. NeoBux will pay you for the sites you visit. The earnings you make will be paid to you through Paypal, Payza or Netteller. NeoBux, a Paid-to-Click service also welcomes advertisers.


Readbud is a service where you’ll get paid for reading the articles. You may choose your own interest to read and make money by reading them. You’ll not only gain knowledge but also money with it. Readbud pays you through PayPal.
Update: We recently noticed that Readbud isn’t on web anymore. It redirects to some other page than the original page which was present before. We would like to suggest you another trusted website to earn money online.
Online Earning Sites – Complete List - Online Earning King

Online Earning Sites – Complete List

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Here is the complete list of online earning sites that are real, pays money and doesn’t require any money to join.
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1. Fiverr – Micro Freelancing

Fiverrfiverr logoThis is among the top trusted online earning sites. You can join for free and advertise your services. The main theme of fiverr is that everything is for 5 dollars. When you will join fiverr to earn money and list your ad, the buyer will pay $5 and you will receive $4 (fiverr cuts $1 charge)
Now for many $4 is a small amount, but it adds up when you complete more tasks. Also fiverr has some extras that you can sell for $10-$20. I put fiverr as a top online earning site simply because the ease of use. This is a marketplace where you can sell anything even singing, dancing, pranks and even funny stuff. Even students can join and make money online with fiverr.

2. Odesk – Freelancing Marketplace

Odeskodesk_logo_detailThis one is my favorite online earning site as a freelancer. It is just like the marketplace like fiverr but it is a bit serious and pays a lot more. Buyers from USA, UK & all around the world look for cheap labor from countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines and other countries to get the job done.
Mainly the buyer posts a job while the freelancer (you) will apply for the jobs. Then when you get the job, you will be paid per hour or on project based. Yes you heard right! You are going to earn money for every hour you work. People usually get paid $4-$6 per hour. And some experienced people earn around $10. Yes that’s around 500 Indian rupees per hour and that’s crazy! When I started working there my hourly rate was $1 and now my hourly rate is $25.
If you are looking for genuine online earning sites then look no further, odesk is the place for you to be. But in order to get jobs and become successful and be able to earn a good amount, you will need to do some hard work. Your job will be mostly building the profile, taking tests and applying to jobs. But if you become patient and approach professionally, you will get your dream career.
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3. 99Designs – Competition Site

99 Designs99designs_logoThis is a logo & graphics design marketplace. If you are good with design and know photoshop/illustrator, then this website is for you. It works just like odesk however you have to take part in a competition. The buyer will host a competition and other designers will compete with their designs. The buyer will then choose the best design and award the money to that designer.
As the name suggests, single logo or graphic (when you win) will pay $99 or more. There is plenty of online money earning sites like 99 designs but it’s the best of its kind. So many online workers who have talent but they don’t have a place to show. This site gives you opportunity to participate and show your design. People from all ages even teenagers join this site to earn a regular income online.

4. Squidoo – Ad Revenue Sharing Website

Squidoosquidoo logoThis website is a bit different when it comes to online earning. From squidoo you can create a free one page website (squidoo lense). The lense can be about any topic you wish like medical, politics, religion or anything you have interest. Then your job is to bring people to visit this lense. Sometimes when you have created a really good and informative lense, people will share and more people will visit it. Then if your lense gets featured on squidoo (lense of the day) you will get lots of visits.
Each of these lense has ads built in. When people use these ads, squidoo makes money and it shares the revenue with you. Squidoo pays around 50% ad share with you and since they have a large amount of users, you can earn money quickly. The minimum payment of squidoo is $1 so you can definitely earn some money from this website.

5. Google Adsense – Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Adsensecustom-google-adsense-logoIf you are looking for trusted online earning sites then google is the one you can trust. But earning online through adsense is not easy and it generates slow income. However the good thing is that you can earn passive (this means you earn when you sleep). To earn money using adsense you will need at least a blog or website. Google offers free blogs from Register a blog and start writing, just like you would do on squidoo. In squidoo you could write one page per topic, but in a blog you can write a full blog on that topic.
Then once you have built a blog with good quality articles and started to see visitors coming, then apply for adsense and put the ad code in your site. When people click on your ads, you will make money. Adsense will send you a check when your earnings have reached $100. From experience, earning online through adsense with 1 site is slow. If you have more sites with large number of views you can earn faster.

6. Amazon – Affiliate Program

Amazon is a leading e-commerce store. They have their own affiliate program. This means if you help them sell some products, you will earn a commission. This online earning site is free to join. Sign up for an amazon affiliate account and put the related product widgets on your website. Just like adsense you will need a blog or website; however you will not need amazon’s approval to host the products.
In adsense it will take a lot of visitors to generate ad clicks and then earn a decent amount. In amazon affiliate marketing you can have a limited number of targeted visitors who will purchase your item and then earn you a commission. Your blog and the ads should be related. If you blog about table lamps, then make sure you put table lamps as the ads.
Here is a tip: When creating a blog/website to earn money with ads, avoid tech topics like laptops, cell phones etc. This is because tech savvy people know about ads and they don’t like to click on adsense/amazon ads.

7. CommissionJunction (CJ) – Membership/Software Affiliate Program

Commission Junctioncommission-junction-logoThis is another website like amazon however they tend to sell digital goods like subscription, softwares, memberships etc. So if you are running a blog on e-goods then check out this website for some products. The cool thing about CJ is that you can earn money not just for purchase but also for actions. In amazon the user has to click on the ad and make a purchase, then you will earn. But in CJ there are offers where people can sign up for a free account or fill up a survey and you will earn $1-$2 for this.
CJ is one of the top free online earning sites around the internet for years. You sign up and you won’t have to pay anything. The payment method is through check or direct bank deposit. They have an extensive list of advertisers and products for you to promote. I have used them and promoted softwares to earn income.

8. Click Bank – Digital Goods Affiliate Program

ClickBankclickbank-logoJust like commission junction, they sell digital goods. They are the number one seller for selling online coaching, software and internet related products. India, Pakistan and many more country of Asia is supported in clickbank, however I checked Bangladesh is not supported.
You can search for a large number of products in the marketplace and get the links. Most of these products pay upto 75% affiliate commissions. For an example if the product price is $100 and you manage to sell one through your website, you will be paid $75. That’s an awesome online earning opportunity.

9. MarketHealth – Health/Medical Affiliate Program

Market Healthmarkethealth_logo_wh_bgOne of the leading affiliate market place for selling medical related products. If you are knowledgeable in the health industry and would love to sell products like pills and medicines, then this one is for you. MarketHealth allows you to choose from leading brands of the world.
It gives you banners, text ads to promote on your website. I like another feature where you can get a custom e-store from them and put on your website. This is by far the best automated solutions for online money earning.

10. Info Links – In-Text Ad Network

InfolinksInfolinks-logoThis is another online earning platform. Of course you will need to have a blog or website with a lot of text articles to use them. After signing up you will receive an ad code. When you insert this ad code in your site, it will turn some of your article words into links. When people put their mouse pointer on top of these links they will see an ad. You will get paid on views and clicks.
I love this online earning site very much because I don’t have to give away ad space to use it. It can be used along with adsense and other banners. Apart from text links you will also have other ad units such as pop up banners that come up when people visit your website. Payment is made through check, paypal or prepaid mastercard.

11. SocialSpark – Paid Review/Opinion/Blog Marketplace

Social Sparksocialspark_smallThis is an online marketplace where you can sell sponsored articles. Mainly a sponsored article is when you get paid to write about a service of a website. There are advertisers who are looking for blogs to write about them. It’s like paid journalism. But to join this website and get review opportunities, you will first need to have a blog and then it needs to be 3 months old. So I suggest you start writing a blog and build it for 3 months.
Depending on your blog, social spark will bring in the type of ads. Some of these paid opportunities pay upto $20-$50. Relatively new bloggers can earn anywhere from $5-$10 which is great for beginners. Big bloggers make upto $500 per paid review. When I started to earn online, paid review sites became one of my favorite online money earning sites.

12. SponsoredTweets – Paid Twitter Status Updates Marketplace

Sponsored Tweetssponsored-tweets-logoThis earning website allows you to post paid tweets. Just like a paid review you are here selling paid tweets. You know that twitter social networking website. But to be able to use this earning opportunity and get paid tweet offers you will need to build a large following in twitter first.

13. CrankyAds – Banner & Link Selling Marketplace

Cranky Adscrankyads-logoThis website allows you to sell banner ads from your blog or website. It’s a great way to earn some extra money online. After signing up, you will need to add the code/plugin on your site and setup the offers. You can easily earn from $5-$10 per month for selling banner ads. When your blog grows, you can earn even more.

14. Craigs List – Worlds Largest Internet Ad Board

Craigslistcraigslist-logoThis is perhaps the biggest classified ad board. In this website people list jobs and request for services. You can go and check out the sections and get parties who can hire your services in your local area. It’s a great place to find locals who are interested in what you have to offer. You can sell something to earn money, you can work on jobs and earn money. This is an excellent way for making money even for teenagers looking for part time jobs.

15. Flippa – Domain & Website Selling Marketplace

FlippaFlippa_logoThis is a website marketplace where you can sell established websites to earn money online. It is an advance step for online earning and if you are new to internet then you may not be able to use it (you need a good website to sell.) But if you have an established website, blog or a forum that is profitable, you can use this site to find buyers. Big players use flippa to earn big money online. Sites sell for $100 to upto $70,000. There is some serious money you can earn with this website if you have the right websites.

16. Godaddy – Domain Auction/Domain Parking

Godaddy Domain Parkinggodaddy-logoIf you have a few unused domains, then you can use godaddy to park your domains. When you park a domain it will show a one page site with ads. When people visit your domain and click on these ads, you will be earning money from that. This is a wise way for online earning if you have a lot of domain names sitting idle.

17. Pay Pal – The #1 Internet Money Gateway

PayPal Donationsdonate-buttonYou can put a donation button on your website/blog from PayPal. People who have read your content can wish to donate you some money. Many people setup some cause websites that help people and in return they earn money through user donations. There is no limit in earning money with donations. In my case I haven’t set any websites that are related to a cause and I haven’t collected any donations.

18. VA – Working as an Internet Assistant/Secretary

Virtual Assistant – You can become a virtual assistant and make money online for helping people. There are professionals and business owners who need assistance in doing day to day tasks. You can get hired and do those kinds of jobs for fair pay. This way of earning online is recommended for even teens who are looking for an extra way to make money on the internet. You can try many marketplaces to work as a virtual assistance (remote assistant.)

19. Solo Ads – Selling Email Ads

Selling Solo Ads/Email Ads – Earning money online with solo ads requires you to build an email list and market to them. This is an advanced way of online earning so you better learn your way how to build and manage email lists first. Plenty of people looking for leads on the internet and they are willing to pay for email ads. An email ad is an ad that you will send to your email subscribers and earn money.

20. Working as an Online Consultant/Coach

Consultancy/Coaching Services – If you are expert in a field of interest you can go ahead and offer consultancy or coaching services. You can use YouTube to post coaching videos and you can also offer your services on your website. Using skype or phone you can coach people remotely. I have worked as a consultant and earned money with teaching people how to design websites. You can try this if you are good at.

21. Selling Banner/Ad Space from Your Website

Direct Advertisements – Have an advertise page on your website and sell links/banners on your website sidebar for $5-$10/month. You attract a lot of interested buyers with this approach and start earning online. As your website grows, you can charge more. Make sure you only accepts ads from websites that are related to your topic.
Some of the least favorite online earning sites, but still worth mentioning:

22. Neo Bux – Paid to Click Marketplace

NeobuxneobuxThis is a paid to click website. This means when you sign up, you will be able to view a website for money. You need to keep viewing the page for 30 sec and then click on the next website. It will pay very low (a few cents) per view and each day you are allowed to view just a number of sites. There are many scam sites like this but neobux is one of the trusted ones. I strongly suggest you avoid this method for online earning as it wastes time.

23. Scour – Paid to Search Website

ScourScour-logoThis is a search engine combined google, bing and yahoo. Scour pays you for doing search. It pays in $25 Visa gift cards. When you search you earn points and when you reach a level you will earn those gift cards. Another slow earner but still worth the mention.

24. Swag Bucks – Rebates/Gifts/Cashback for Shopping

SwagbucksSwagbucksThis is an online shopping site and it pays for filling up surveys and taking offers. Again the most money is made when you buy something from their partner, so it is not one of the 100% free online earning sites. When you fill up surveys you will earn very little money.

25. Micro Workers – Small Jobs & Tasks Marketplace

Microworkerslogo-MicroworkersIt is a marketplace like odesk but it is for micro tasks like a comment or a facebook like. Pays around a few cents per task. Much worse candidate than fiverr but it is a trusted online earning site. But stay out of it to save time and earn more through other ways.

26. Read Bud – Paid to Read Articles

Readbud – This website pays you for reading articles. Just like the PTC site neobux there will be a timer which you need to complete and move on to the next article to count your cents. Not recommended! (See why I didn’t even linked it)
So go ahead sign up with these trusted online earning sites and start your journey. When done right you can earn more money than what an average job pays still staying at home. All the best and let me know how it goes in the comments!
Update: Check out 10 new online earning opportunities you can try!
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