Facebook API Original


User /{user-id}

user represents a person on Facebook. The /{user-id} node returns a single user.


Graph Explorer
GET /me HTTP/1.1
Host: graph.facebook.com


The /{user-id} node has more complicated permissions requirements than other nodes in the Graph API:


id The id of this person's user account. This ID is unique to each app and cannot be used across different apps. Our upgrade guide provides more info about this.string
aboutThe 'about me' section of this person's profile.string
Unspecific age range that this person's age fits into.object
minThe lower bounds of the range for this person's age.enum{13, 18, 21}
maxThe upper bounds of the range for this person's age.enum{17, 20, None}
bioThe person's bio.string
birthday This person's birthday in the format MM/DD/YYYY.string
Provides access to the social context edges shown.object
Information about the person's cover photoCoverPhoto
This person's local currency informationobject
The sections of a person's education history.object[]
email This person's primary email address listed on their profile. This field will not be returned if no valid email address is available.string
favorite_athletesFacebook Pages representing athletes listed under the Likes section of this person's profile.Page[]
favorite_teamsFacebook Pages representing sports teams listed under the Likes section of this person's profile.Page[]
first_name The person's first namestring
gender The gender pronoun selected by this person. This is omitted if that pronoun is a custom value.string
hometownThe person's hometownPage
inspirational_peopleFacebook Pages representing inspirational people listed under the Likes section of this person's profile.Page[]
installedIs the app making the request installed?bool
is_verifiedPeople with large numbers of followers can have the authenticity of their identity manually verified by Facebook. This field indicates whether the user profile is verified in this way.bool
languagesFacebook Pages representing the languages this person knows.Page[]
last_name The person's last name.string
link A link to the person's profile.string
locale The person's locale.string
location The person's current location as entered by them on their profile. This is not a check in field.Page
middle_name The person's middle name.string
name The person's full namestring
name_formatThe person's name formatted to correctly handle Chinese, Japanese, Korean orderingstring
politicalThe person's political viewsstring
quotesThe person's favorite quotesstring
relationship_statusThe person's relationship statusstring
religionThe person's religionstring
significant_otherThe person's significant otherUser
timezone The user's current timezone offset from UTC.int
third_party_idA string containing an anonymous, but unique identifier for this person. You can use this identifier with third-partiesstring
verifiedIndicates whether the user account has been verified. This is distinct from the is_verified field. Someone is considered verified if they take any of the following actions:
  • Register for mobile
  • Confirm their account via SMS
  • Enter a valid credit card
websiteThe person's websitestring
The periods of a person's employment history.object[]

Publishing, Updating and Deletion

You can't perform these operations on this node.


/accountsThe Facebook Pages of which this person is an admin.
/achievementsThe achievements this person has received from Facebook Games.
/activitiesThe activities listed on the person's profile.
/adaccountsThe advertising accounts to which this person has access.
/albumsThe photo albums this person has created.
/applications/developerList of apps of which this person is a developer.
/apprequestsThis person's outstanding requests from an app.
/booksThe books listed on this profile.
The events this person is attending.
/familyThe person's family relationships
/feedThe posts and links published by this person or others on their profile.
/friendlistsThis person's friend lists.
/friendrequestsThe person's incoming friend requests.
/friendsThis person's friends.
/gamesLiked Games this person has added to their profile.
/groupsThe Facebook Groups that the person belongs to.
/homeThe person's news feed.
/ids_for_businessBusiness entities can claim ownership of multiple apps using the Business Manager - this edge returns the list of IDs that this user has in any of those other apps.
/inboxThe threads in this person's inbox.
/interestsThe interests listed on the person's profile.
/invitable_friendsA list of friends that can be invited to install a Facebook Canvas app.
/likesAll the pages this person has liked.
/linksThis is a duplicate of the /feeds edge which only shows posts of type link published by the user themselves.
/locationsA feed of posts and photos that include location information and in which this person has been tagged.
/moviesThe movies listed on the person's profile.
/musicThe music listed on the person's profile.
/notificationsApp notifications for this person.
/outboxThe messages in this person's outbox.
/payment_transactionsThe Facebook Payments orders this person placed with an app.
/paymentsDeprecated endpoint for Facebook Credits product. UseFacebook Payments instead.
/permissionsThe permissions that person has granted the app.
/pictureThe person's profile picture.
/photosPhotos this person is tagged in.
/photos/uploadedSimilar to /photos except shows all photos this person has uploaded.
/pokesThe person's pokes.
/postsThis is a duplicate of the /feeds edge which only shows posts published by the person themselves.
/scoresThe scores this person has received from Facebook Games that they've played.
/statusesThis is a duplicate of the /feeds edge which only shows status update posts published by the person themselves.
/taggable_friendsFriends that can be tagged in content published via the Graph API.
/taggedThis is a duplicate of the /feeds edge which only shows posts in which the person is tagged.
/tagged_placesList of tags of this person at a place in a photo, video, post, status or link.
/televisionThe television listed on the person's profile.
/videosThe videos this person has been tagged in.
/videos/uploadedSimilar to /videos except shows all videos this person has uploaded.