1. Spring Tutorial Introduction

·         Spring is a light weight and open source framework created by Rod Johnson in 2003
·         Spring framework is said to be a non-invasive means it doesn’t force a programmer to extend or implement their class
·         Spring is light weight framework because of its POJO model
·         Simplicity             : POJO Classes makes Spring as Simple
·         Testability            : We don’t need servers to test the app
·         Loose Coupling   :IoC with beans and Xml, makes Spring classes are Loose Couple

Spring framework is divided into 6 modules....
1.       Spring Core Module
2.       Spring Context [ J2EE ]
3.       Spring DAO Module [ Spring JDBC ]
4.       Spring ORM module
5.       Spring AOP [ Aspect Oriented Programming ]
6.       Spring WEB-MVC Module