13th Nov 2017 : Quit Smoking - Reading Book

  • Stopping smoking is not the real problem. Every time you put a cigarette out you stop smoking.You may have powerful reasons on day one to say, 'I do not want to smoke any more' - all smokers have, every day of their lives, and the reasons are more powerful than you can possibly imagine.The real problem is day two, day ten or day ten thousand, when in a weak moment, an inebriated moment or even a strong moment you have one cigarette, and because it is partly drug addiction you then want another, and suddenly you are a smoker again.

ask ourselves the following questions:What is it doing for me?Nothing
Do I actually enjoy it?No

Do I really need to go through life paying through the nose just to stick these things in my mouth and suffocate myself

  • The first thing we are going to do is to remove these fallacies and illusions. In fact, you will realize that there is nothing to give up. Not only is there nothing to give up but there are marvelous, positive gains from being a non-smoker, and health and money are only two of these gains

  • Many believe smoking relieves boredom. This is also a fallacy. Boredom is a frame of mind. There is nothing interesting about a cigarette.