Bootable USB

Best Bootable Softwares

 MiniTool - Disc Patition.exe
For Disk Partion Purpose

 Novicorp WinToFlash Lite [The Bootable USB Creator
windows iso to Bootable USB creator

 Dual Boot Software

Ubantu ISO to Bootaable USB creator

Dualboot menu Creator

Step 1:

Download WinToFlash here Download Lite Only

From the Author: This software may contain bugs (spelling too).

So if you find any spelling error please write a comment and correct it or send an email to Don't forget to write your WinToFlash version.

Step 2:
Extract the zip file, then double click on WinToFlash.exe

Step 3:
Click Accept button...

Wintoflash - Step 3Step 4:

This program will transfer Windows setup from CD or DVD to flash driveRecommended to switch on Wizard mode for users have no experience of Windows setup fine tuning Windows setup transfer wizard Following the basic instructions you will transfer the Windows setup program to a flash drive and install Windows on PC have no CD or DVD drive
Click the button to enter Wizard mode...

Wintoflash - Step 4
Step 5:

This program will help you to install Windows from a flash
To access other features and advanced option switch to advanced mode (for advanced users).
For now, we will use wizard mode instead of advanced mode, so click Next...

Wintoflash - Step 5
Step 6:

Specify locations of files and drive
On Windows files path click Select button

Wintoflash - Step 6
Step 7:
Select CD/DVD drive which contains Windows XP CD or folder which contains Windows XP files and then click OK

Wintoflash - Step 7
Step 8:

Specify locations of files and drive
On USB drive click Select button
Wintoflash - Step 8
Step 9:
Select USB Flash drive > click OK

Wintoflash - Step 9
Step 10:

Specify locations of files and drive
Click Next button...
Wintoflash - Step 10

Step 11:
Select "I Accepted the terms of the license agreement" then click Continue...

Wintoflash - Step 11

Step 12:

Warning! Formatting will erase ALL DATA on the target disk. To format press OK, to quit press Cancel

Click OK...Wintoflash - Step 12
Step 13:
Please wait while WinToFlash transferring Windows setup to the flash drive

Wintoflash - Step 13
Step 14:
Click Next and then Exit
USB Flash drive ready...

Wintoflash - Step 14
Wintoflash - Step 14

On a computer without CD/DVD drive (e.g. Aspire One)
You must change the first boot order to USB Flash drive from BIOS. How to do this?

Change Boot order from BIOS:
This is just for example (Aspire 4710)
Your BIOS interface may be slightly different

Step 1:
Plug a Flash drive into a USB port on your computer/laptop

USB Flash DriveStep 2:
Turn on your laptop then hit F2 rapidly (or Del for some other machine)
Then go to the Boot tab > change boot order > then hit F10 key to Save and Exit

BIOS boot priority

Now you can boot from USB Flash drive, first select

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